Ana Espinal: “Flor de Mujer”

Ana Espinal is a photographer who resides in the Bronx. Born in the Dominican Republic, she moved to the United States at the age of 13. She received an A.A degree in Photography at LaGuardia Community College and now attends the School of Visual Arts in New York City. She’s passionate about the arts and … Continue reading Ana Espinal: “Flor de Mujer”

Film Review: Little Sister

Little Sister By Solansh Moya  Clark's tale about an ex-Goth nun facing her dysfunctional family. Little Sister is a 2016 American dark comedy film written and directed by Zach Clark. The movie stars Addison Timlin as an ex-goth turned nun visiting her childhood home after the return of her brother from Iraq. Colleen Lunsford (Timlin) … Continue reading Film Review: Little Sister

Latinx: What Does This Mean?

By Solansh Moya A person of Latin American origin can be referred to as Hispanic, Latino, or Latina. However, there is a new word to refer to Latin Americans– Latinx (pronounced “La-teen-ex”). Latinx seeks to move beyond gender binaries and it includes all of Latin American descendants. This word makes room for people who are … Continue reading Latinx: What Does This Mean?

Women in The Beat Generation

By Solansh Moya The Beat Generation is known for a lifestyle that rejected conventionality and instead focused on the individual experience. The Beat writers rebelled against Capitalism and placed themselves on the fringe of society. Today, our understanding of this movement romanticizes the freedom from responsibility. It commemorates sex, drugs and the creativity in the … Continue reading Women in The Beat Generation